Build Beyond

We don’t stop at PFPs.

As a community we can’t stop at a mint, a sold out drop or the headwinds of a bear. 21M NFTs. 150,000 creators strong.

The Metaplex ecosystem pushes further, together.

Plug into the digital asset infrastructure layer of Solana, a protocol that raises the Standard to define what NFTs can do.

Contribute to future-defining programs seen nowhere else: the most efficient, most affordable minting and storage on any chain, and a preview of Fusion, composable assets that ignite creator monetization, to name a few.

Only Metaplex moves with momentum that defines the category itself. So, join us and build past your last best thing. Build your vision of the next 10 years.

Build beyond.


Let's build beyond, together.

In addition to daily office hours at the Solana Hacker House, Metaplex will have a large booth located in the developer pavilion at Páteo da Galé over Breakpoint weekend. Every Metaplex team will be represented - please stop by to learn what’s new for developers and creators, and tell us what you’re building and how we can help.

Join us for wide-ranging discussion of this next evolution for NFT utility, infrastructure and the Metaplex ecosystem. Panels and workshops with the Metaplex team and a keynote from our CEO Stephen Hess can be found on the full schedule, subject to change. If you too are thinking through scalability and affordability for minting and storage, creator royalties and monetization and more, you won’t want to miss us.

Metaplex Breakpoint Schedule (2)

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